New Bio, New Pictures, etc.

I had new pictures taken; new headshots coming, and a couple of lifestyle pictures. Nice photographer, that @TracyBosworthPage ! I love that lady. Above is a picture Tracy fixed up for me in advance — she’s cool like that. ūüôā “Rose Bianco has many film and television credits, and is probably best known for herContinue reading “New Bio, New Pictures, etc.”

Approaching 2019 with A Prayer and Purpose.

Here’s hoping for and praying to manifest even better and bigger things than I did in 2018 (and that was a very good year!)  Here I am with my friend Angela Ray at her annual New Year’s Day dinner party, starting the year right. Good friends to celebrate, commiserate, talk showbiz, exchange advice with, supportContinue reading “Approaching 2019 with A Prayer and Purpose.”

Corrida – a short film by Darren McInerney

I auditioned for this film via Actor’s Access, which is a sort of open marketplace casting site.¬† Booking any kind of legitimate, union job through AA is not very common. In many years of submitting I’ve only booked two things. This is one. ¬†I come in at about 10:00… It is a fine shortContinue reading “Corrida – a short film by Darren McInerney”

My mom, my sister, mortality, etc.

It’s interesting that I just watched Dog Years, about an aged movie star facing mortality and belatedly examining his life. ¬†My mom’s been in Florida for a few months and my sister has brought her back. ¬†Mom’s second childishness and mere oblivion¬†is coming fast and furious upon her. And my sister and her husband areContinue reading “My mom, my sister, mortality, etc.”

Screening Dog Years

I’m going to Nashville! ¬†I worked on #DogYearsFilm and had a little but LOVELY role which I adore. ¬†I’ll post a picture soon (as soon as I get clearance) – but, my character looks super cute —¬†Thanks @Mrs_Nashville (Meg Boers – makeup artist extraordinaire). ¬† I knew it would be a great film and wasContinue reading “Screening Dog Years”