I auditioned for this film via Actor’s Access, which is a sort of open marketplace casting site.  Booking any kind of legitimate, union job through AA is not very common. In many years of submitting I’ve only booked two things. This is one.  I come in at about 10:00…


It is a fine short film and I have best wishes for the director Darren McInerney, and hope that it will do wonderfully well.  In a nutshell, Marc Blucas, the star, plays an American who decides to go across the Mexican border to check out a bullfight.  Instead he becomes involved in a local cab driver’s (Justin Huen) unfortunate situation.  I play the cab driver’s mother-in-law.  The scene that starts with the cab driver arriving at his home, in which his wife (Evelyn Lorena) and his MIL (me) play out a scene straight out of a Tennessee Williams play (if he were Mexican), is intense and captivating.  Callan Farris plays the cab driver’s son.  He was So Awesome! Wow.  He was the producer Asha Kurian’s son.  What a natural.

I am so glad I did this film.  It’s a departure for me, and I hope I get more projects like this one.  Yes!  Best of luck to Darren McInerney, and I’m so glad he took a chance on me, an out of towner.