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Rose Bianco is an American actress, born and raised in Chicago. She made her debut at the Victory Gardens Theatre and shortly after went to DePaul University as a speech & drama major. She also studied acting for two years with Ted Liss. Rose worked with the theater company Les Nickelettes in San Francisco and originated the role of Crystal Glitz in “The Didi Glitz Story: I’d Rather Be Doing Something Else” based on the underground comix character Didi Glitz, created by Diane Noomin. Rose originated the role of the Spanish Gypsy in the Magic Theatre premiere of Ed Bullins’ “City Preacher.”
Rose moved to NY, studied with Julie Bovasso and Bill Hickey, and appeared in various showcases including a New Dramatist production, “Public Transportation.”
After a long hiatus while raising her children, she re-entered the show business workforce in Atlanta just as the “Hollywood of the South” was reaching critical mass.

Rose will next appear in the upcoming Gerard Butler film Greenland, which will be released theatrically and VOD starting August 14, 2020. You can also catch her on Season 3 of Cobra Kai – premiering soon on a new platform, Netflix! She can be seen in numerous productions recently released and streaming (Capone, Amazing Stories, The Quarry); additionally Netflix will be streaming seasons 1 and 2 of CK.

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