Rose Bianco is an American actress born and raised in Chicago. She is best known for her recurring role of Rosa “Yaya” Diaz, Miguel’s doting grandmother on Cobra Kai, currently streaming on Netflix.

Coming Soon – July 2 streaming on AmazonPrime, Rose will appear in The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt.

A few of her other notable credits include a supporting role in the Jamie Foxx vehicle Project Power on Netflix; a recurring role on Being Mary Jane; a guest spot on the premiere episode of New Amsterdam; and a cameo on WandaVision

Rose made her acting debut at the Victory Gardens Theatre. She is a classically trained actress, attending DePaul University as a Speech and Drama major, and studying for two years at conservatory school of acting the Ted Liss Studio. Rose moved to San Francisco and worked with the theatre company Les Nickelettes. She originated the role of “Crystal Glitz” in The Didi Glitz Story: I’d Rather Be Doing Something Else based on the underground comix character created by Diane Noomin. She gained her Equity card appearing in the premiere of Ed Bullins’ City Preacher at the Magic Theatre. After relocating to New York, Rose studied with Julie Bovasso and HB Studios/Bill Hickey, snagged a role on All My Children and appeared in various Equity showcases.

After taking time away from the spotlight to fulfill her most important roles as a wife and mother, she returned to show business in Atlanta just as the city became known as the “Hollywood of the South.”