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NY- Shirley Faison, Carson-Adler Agency  212-307-1882 x203       *       ATL- Mystie Buice, Houghton Talent  404-603-9454                                               Manager: Jennifer Lonardo, Crackerjack Mgmt SE 678-702-1252

Rose Bianco started her career in Chicago, and has appeared on stage and film in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.  She is based in Atlanta and most recently worked on Fonzo, a Josh Trank project about Al Capone, starring Tom Hardy.  On Cobra Kai, Youtube Red’s new episodic that premiered May 2, 2018, Rose plays the recurring character of Yaya, Miguel’s grandmother.  The show revisits Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, our heroes from The Karate Kid – 30 years later; it opened to great critical and popular reception.  Rose also recently worked on the NBC pilot New Amsterdam; MacGyver; and the feature Godzilla: King of Monsters scheduled for release in March 2019. 


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