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NY- Shirley Faison, Carson-Adler Agency  212-307-1882 x203       *       ATL- Mystie Buice, Houghton Talent  404-603-9454

Rose Bianco started her career in Chicago, and has appeared on stage and film in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.  She is currently based in Atlanta and most recently worked on Black Panther, under the direction of Ryan Coogler.  Upcoming appearances:  Downsizing – Rose appears as Gladys in Alexander Payne’s film which debuted at the Venice Film Festival; it is scheduled to open December 22, 2017.  Rose also recently worked on Godzilla: King of Monsters which was a spectacular experience.  Recently Rose appeared on Fox’s Star; the horror film Rings; and the independent film Dog Years, directed by Adam Rifkin.  As regards theater, Rose will appear in Dangerous Women – Weird Sisters’ production which opens October 19 and runs through October 30 at Windmill Arts Center in East Point, Atlanta, GA.  It’s a GAS!


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