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Blast from the past

My friend Denise Larson, the mother of Les Nickelettes, 1970s-1980s San Francisco be-glittered all-female camp comedy troupe, found this article and posted in on Facebook today: If you scroll down a bit, there I am, with the other Nicks, go-go dancing at Danceteria.  We went to NY ca. 1982 to perform

New hair, new role

I got some new pictures– important for the casting directors.  Shout out to Ted Westby – he is a pretty great, experienced and innovative picture taker.  And he has amazing special deals.  Check him out on — the one below has not yet been retouched.  Btw — just learned I booked

Corrida – a short film by Darren McInerney

I auditioned for this film via Actor’s Access, which is a sort of open marketplace casting site.  Booking any kind of legitimate, union job through AA is not very common. In many years of submitting I’ve only booked two things. This is one. It is a fine short film and

Rape is a preexisting condition

Every day women are beaten, slapped, punched, raped, and psychologically abused. —– “Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined. * 25% of all women have at one time

My mom, my sister, mortality, etc.

It’s interesting that I just watched Dog Years, about an aged movie star facing mortality and belatedly examining his life.  My mom’s been in Florida for a few months and my sister has brought her back.  Mom’s second childishness and mere oblivion is coming fast and furious upon her. And my

Dog Years -the review

Firstly, I am in this movie. This is me–best costume ever:    I went to Nashville with hubby and friends for a mini-vacay to check out music city and catch the film at #NashFilmFest –the movie was great.  Briefly-the plot involved an aged ex-superstar, Vic Edwards,  who is invited to

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