I got to work on this film.  YES!

These four ladies were amazing.  All respect to Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick Boseman, and Daniel Kaluuya — all wonderful in the movie — but the representations provided by Lupita Nyong’o (hell yes), Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, and Angela Bassett were INSPIRING!  Ooof, I’m so excited about this; this movie gives me life!  Anyhow, so my scene got cut unfortunately.  But the opportunity to be directed by, spoken to, and championed by, Ryan Coogler — no words.

I was in a scene with Angela Bassett. At one point Ryan took Angela to the side and was giving her some of the finest, most inspirational direction, and I, off to the side, started weeping. It was this overwhelming feeling of being lucky, so fortunate, to experience this greatness happening before me. Maybe it was silly, but in any event, I quickly brushed the tears away when Angela came back, and I explained how blessed I felt having done so much work that year (2017), and we talked about the showbiz, and how great it was that Atlanta was getting the opportunities, etc.  It was fine.

I got to meet Florence Kasumba, one of the Dora warriors.  A German actress.  She was interesting to talk to, sweet, inclusive.  I pray for all good things for her career and life.

Back to the front (the ATL acting front that is).  peace love and prayers — and action – for our divided, beleaguered country. dora

image1  I’ve spent the last month and a half making treks to the set of Cobra Kai.  This is a show based on The Karate Kid and stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as Daniel LoRusso and Johnny Lawrence — 30 years later!  I’m not positive who conceived of this show but I think it was the brainchild of the writers/directors/producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.  Ralph and Billy are also producers so they’re invested in this somehow (of course!).  Also starring is Xolo Mariduena as Miguel, the teen who befriends Johnny and inspires Johnny to open up a dojo where Miguel will learn the Cobra KAI! way.  I’m appearing as Rosa, Miguel’s grandmother.  Xolo is such a huge talent and he’s also such a typical, dungeons & dragons playing, goofing-around kid who is very down to earth and respectful of adults.  So so great.  Vanessa Rubio is playing Carmen, Miguel’s mother.  Vanessa is truly a gentle soul; I’m amazed to have gotten the opportunity to work so closely with such a kind AND nice AND talented AND super-gorgeous person.  Vanessa and I are so blessed and thrilled about this opportunity — let’s all subscribe to Sony Youtube-Red please!  Also, by the way, my ATL friends- the show is hiring tons of Atlanta talent!  Yay!

I have new management – Crackerjack Management Southeast, aka Jennifer Lonardo.  She’s great and is already providing invaluable advice, such as – create a 1 minute reel as that is a quick snapshot of what I can do to offer casting professionals.  So far, so good @Crackerjackse —  Thanks!


DangerousWomenToday is Halloween. I’ve had more fun than usual this year. (Now that the kids are grown, there is not a lot of fun in H’ween anymore wah!)

But–I had the great fortune to be cast in Weird Sisters Theatre Project’s show, “Dangerous Women.”  The show was a compilation of original theater pieces that were scary and based on real-life dangerous women/murderesses stories.  (I need to look up the Queen that killed over 160 people!)  There were 9 skits and a host that took the audience from the white box to the lobby to the black box.  Short spooky film by Rebekah Suellau during the intermission.   The rehearsal period was short, and the run was only two weeks.  Nevertheless, during this period I booked a film (ssshh! it’s a secret) that caused me to miss a day of tech, and a tv episodic (possible recurring! more on that later) that precluded me from attending one of the performances.  (They cut my skit for that one…)

My piece was “FAMILY TRADITION.”  It was HILARIOUS!   Thanks to the director Tiffany Porter, and the writer for writing such a fab piece – Oralya Garza Ueberroth.

My thanks to my scene partners Karen Aguirre and Eric Poger Abrahamsen – what a great experience to work with you.

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

All that’s left today is TRIVIA!   Boo!halloween-festus


My father is “white” (Italian) – I don’t know him and I don’t know any of his family. I grew up Puerto Rican and in my mind that’s what I am, 11155105_10153058045222839_5415309906776402495_othrough and through (though I got way whiter after joining the theater world).  My mother would tell me “Don’t tell anyone you’re Puerto Rican.” And I’d say, why Ma, why? And she would explain that things would be easier for me. And in reality, things have been pretty darn good for me in my life, and I haven’t been the target of racism (though definitely some misogyny). When did I experience racism?  Interestingly, I’d say it was NOW (and even this, indirectly). Now that Puerto Rico is in dire straits, and I’ve read comments on threads under stories and on twitter, where people sneer saying things like “Hispanics are always looking for a handout” and learning that apparently many people don’t know Puerto Rico is an American territory and its residents are citizens, and when I see that the president doesn’t care a whit about us American citizens or even pretends. This new experience has allowed me to, somewhat, “walk in the shoes” of a person who has actually experienced racism, and it’s awful and I want to cover those friends with 10,000 kisses.



“We are powerless” – lyric from “Blackout” In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Rivera.


This is my uncle Carmelo who lives in P.R. -I love and adore him:


Puerto Rico is in such deep trouble. I looked at so many pictures- mostly from San Juan, Humacao, Fajardo, Levittown, Catano. Flooding everywhere. It will be like New Orleans- but it’s an island in the middle of the ocean and the mold and the devastation… I am fearful. It is awful. I want to sweep in with a helicopter and save my uncles, aunts and cousins. The good news for the time being (2nd hand info received yesterday morning from my cousins, who spoke to people before power went off)- is that my uncles Carmelo and Pepe are ok; Carmelo’s house sustained some damage but not too bad. Dali and Dorca are ok. I don’t know how Cuca is, or Somaya, or Victor, or Evelyn. In the aftermath of the bankruptcy so many of the promising young educated population moved to the U.S. and now it’s bad– the hospitals were so bad before; it’s going to be like a great big refugee camp there.  If the Ice Bucket Challenge made a dent in Lou Gehrig’s disease, maybe we can make a difference, the millions of us, to help PR, DR, and Mex start to recover. GOD, so much giving we are doing (the resistance, Houston, ACLU…) but just a little more.  Puerto Rico, te quiero y estoy rogando a Dios que nos ayude, nosotros pecadores, y salve la Tierra que esta tan danada y peleando para sobrevivir.