#REWIND2022 raffle week

This fundraising campaign is conducting a raffle this week. Prize is a high concept art poster of the movie. Together with this prize we are offering a signed Yaya photograph OR an acting coaching session with lovely and extremely talented actress Dani Deette. The prizes are not convincing enough I guess. Did I mention the size of the contribution does not matter? AND that in additional to needing funds, we need Followers & Supporters! contribute here: https://seedandspark.com/fund/rewind2022#story


I have spent the last week promoting the crowd funding campaign for independent film #REWIND2022 which was written and to be directed by Morgan Szymanski and Howling Warlocks film production company. https://seedandspark.com/fund/rewind2022#story

I am producing and co-starring. this is MATCH WEEK; we need 150 supporters by week’s end to get a $5000 match from a sponsor. This is #indiefilmmaking in action. I believe in this script and team and so I am participating 100%. I know very well the obstacles and difficulties for new talent. I am CONFIDENT we will make our goal and there will Abe a gem of a festival submission at the other end and get these artists the recognition they deserve! n. #Morganszymanski #MayThjang #ReginaldCineus #JoshDollison #JohnFitzgerald $#CameronWingo #KeenaCooke #DAnteChristopherWilson LOVE IS THE ANSWER


New Short Demo

Had a consultation with a casting director who looked at my materials and suggested that I prepare this new short demo leading with the New Amsterdam clip — because it is a good indication of “good acting” and is a close-up; it is sad with crying. 😦

Followed up with Wandavision which is funny and absurd. Follow up with Cobra Kai which is iconic and funny, follow up with serious and bad-ass Project Power. I’ve been told CD’s usually won’t look at more than 10 seconds of a demo. Hmm. I get that. I hope they stay watching to the end though 🙂

Making Content – Making Characters

I’m working on a new project – making content, posting it. All in the service of working towards creating projects for myself. Sounds good on paper. In truth, this is a fantastic experiment in stream of consciousness writing, improving my improvisation skills and character building. Thanks to Cathy Reinking for putting this idea in my head.

A lot of good things today

Today was a good day!

#1 photographer Robbie and his wife Alyssa were having a family emergency but all is well now and they were able to send me additional pics which were my NY agent’s choices. They seem similar to what I had but clearly the agent’s nuanced gaze is all the difference! #2 Today Netflix announced the December premiere is SEASON 4 of Cobra Kai. Woot! #3 The trailer for “Cop Shop,” a Gerard Butler movie, came out today and it is chock a block full of my friend Alexis. God is good my friends. God’s time, my friends.


I have an updated bio on imdb and now my profile has two separate, almost the same but not the same, mini bios. I've asked that the older version get deleted. Hopefully they will do that. imdb is a little strict. Here's the updated bio:

“Best known as the Rosa, Miguel’s doting grandmother on Cobra Kai (Netflix), Rose Bianco is a classically trained actress. A few of her other notable small screen credits include a recurring role on Being Mary Jane with Gabrielle Union, New Amsterdam starring Ryan Eggold, and the upcoming Wandavision. On the big screen, Rose was most recently seen in Ric Roman Waugh’s Greenland and a Netflix original movie Project Power, and in 2021 will appear in a supporting role in The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt. Born and raised in Chicago, Rose made her acting debut at the Victory Gardens Theatre and shortly after went to DePaul University as a Speech and Drama major. She also studied acting for two years with Ted Liss. She worked with the theater company Les Nickelettes in San Francisco and originated the role of “Crystal Glitz” in The Didi Glitz Story: I’d Rather Be Doing Something Else based on Diane Noomin’s underground comix character Didi Glitz. After gaining an Equity card in Ed Bullins’ City Preacher at the famed Magic Theatre, Rose relocated to New York, studied with Julie Bovasso and Bill Hickey, and appeared in various showcases including a New Dramatist production, Public Transportation. Rose took some time away from the spotlight to fulfill her most important role as a mom, and returned to show business in Atlanta just as the city became known as the ‘Hollywood of the South.'”