#REWIND2022 raffle week

This fundraising campaign is conducting a raffle this week. Prize is a high concept art poster of the movie. Together with this prize we are offering a signed Yaya photograph OR an acting coaching session with lovely and extremely talented actress Dani Deette. The prizes are not convincing enough I guess. Did I mention the size of the contribution does not matter? AND that in additional to needing funds, we need Followers & Supporters! contribute here: https://seedandspark.com/fund/rewind2022#story


I have spent the last week promoting the crowd funding campaign for independent film #REWIND2022 which was written and to be directed by Morgan Szymanski and Howling Warlocks film production company. https://seedandspark.com/fund/rewind2022#story

I am producing and co-starring. this is MATCH WEEK; we need 150 supporters by week’s end to get a $5000 match from a sponsor. This is #indiefilmmaking in action. I believe in this script and team and so I am participating 100%. I know very well the obstacles and difficulties for new talent. I am CONFIDENT we will make our goal and there will Abe a gem of a festival submission at the other end and get these artists the recognition they deserve! n. #Morganszymanski #MayThjang #ReginaldCineus #JoshDollison #JohnFitzgerald $#CameronWingo #KeenaCooke #DAnteChristopherWilson LOVE IS THE ANSWER


New Short Demo

Had a consultation with a casting director who looked at my materials and suggested that I prepare this new short demo leading with the New Amsterdam clip — because it is a good indication of “good acting” and is a close-up; it is sad with crying. 😦

Followed up with Wandavision which is funny and absurd. Follow up with Cobra Kai which is iconic and funny, follow up with serious and bad-ass Project Power. I’ve been told CD’s usually won’t look at more than 10 seconds of a demo. Hmm. I get that. I hope they stay watching to the end though 🙂

Making Content – Making Characters

I’m working on a new project – making content, posting it. All in the service of working towards creating projects for myself. Sounds good on paper. In truth, this is a fantastic experiment in stream of consciousness writing, improving my improvisation skills and character building. Thanks to Cathy Reinking for putting this idea in my head.

A lot of good things today

Today was a good day!

#1 photographer Robbie and his wife Alyssa were having a family emergency but all is well now and they were able to send me additional pics which were my NY agent’s choices. They seem similar to what I had but clearly the agent’s nuanced gaze is all the difference! #2 Today Netflix announced the December premiere is SEASON 4 of Cobra Kai. Woot! #3 The trailer for “Cop Shop,” a Gerard Butler movie, came out today and it is chock a block full of my friend Alexis. God is good my friends. God’s time, my friends.