My mom, my sister, mortality, etc.

It’s interesting that I just watched Dog Years, about an aged movie star facing mortality and belatedly examining his life.  My mom’s been in Florida for a few months and my sister has brought her back.  Mom’s second childishness and mere oblivion is coming fast and furious upon her. And my sister and her husband are experts at embracing life while they still can.

It’s fun when my older sister comes to town. She’s really a tough cookie.  Here she is, with her husband she recently married- finally after two unfortunate marriages she has found a decent guy-  pat and marco april 30 2017He’s from Venezuela and the stories he can tell!  (Have you checked out the Venezuela situation?  Dire.)  Anyway, he does have this life motto – you only live once, so Live!  (paraphrased).  (Mame anyone?)  When you see someone actually living by the credo it’s a wakeup call.

We’ve finally been called for an apartment in a senior residence near my house- where Mom will stay during the week when I’m working.  But now I fear she is even dottier than before. Can she live alone? I’ve got personal care living situations investigated and lined up just in case.  We can’t place mom in a nursing home.  At least not until the day that she has completely lost her memory and what with the breathing treatments, congestive heart failure, etc…. We don’t have the dough for a regular assisted living facility (have you priced those places? Are there that many well to do people?).  But between me and my sisters, we’ll manage for the time being.

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