“We are powerless” – lyric from “Blackout” In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Rivera.


This is my uncle Carmelo who lives in P.R. -I love and adore him:


Puerto Rico is in such deep trouble. I looked at so many pictures- mostly from San Juan, Humacao, Fajardo, Levittown, Catano. Flooding everywhere. It will be like New Orleans- but it’s an island in the middle of the ocean and the mold and the devastation… I am fearful. It is awful. I want to sweep in with a helicopter and save my uncles, aunts and cousins. The good news for the time being (2nd hand info received yesterday morning from my cousins, who spoke to people before power went off)- is that my uncles Carmelo and Pepe are ok; Carmelo’s house sustained some damage but not too bad. Dali and Dorca are ok. I don’t know how Cuca is, or Somaya, or Victor, or Evelyn. In the aftermath of the bankruptcy so many of the promising young educated population moved to the U.S. and now it’s bad– the hospitals were so bad before; it’s going to be like a great big refugee camp there.  If the Ice Bucket Challenge made a dent in Lou Gehrig’s disease, maybe we can make a difference, the millions of us, to help PR, DR, and Mex start to recover. GOD, so much giving we are doing (the resistance, Houston, ACLU…) but just a little more.  Puerto Rico, te quiero y estoy rogando a Dios que nos ayude, nosotros pecadores, y salve la Tierra que esta tan danada y peleando para sobrevivir.


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