Kenny, Mexico City, and Puerto Rico

On September 19 the most destructive earthquake in decades shook Mexico City and claimed over 200 lives.  On August 19 I landed at the Mexico City airport to do a job.    Kenny was the P.A. assigned to take care of me and Gabe much of the time.  Kenny was a wonderful production assistant, always friendly, happy, helpful (helping the 1st AD Mexico with the extras from time to time in addition to carrying around our umbrellas and chairs), productive and always at-the-ready.  I’m thinking about Kenny and wonder how he fared.

kennyThe Mexican crew were unfailingly cheerful and up to the task of standing/running around under the sun for 12 hours.  I recall that delightful 1st AD Javier, who spent three days yelling directions to the extras through a bullhorn, until by the end of the 3rd day he sounded like Tom Waits and was on the verge of almost completely losing his voice.  I wonder how he fared. I wonder how Charlie, that delightful, handsome make-up artist, fared.

I was incredibly impressed with how tough and hardworking the Mexican extras were — working all the livelong day for the equivalent of 64/8 I’m sure, with a smile.  I am sad for Mexico City and their horrible travails.

In the meantime I keep wondering what will happen to Puerto Rico and my myriads of cousins and uncles/aunts/uncles and aunts-in-law etc.  I found out my dear uncles Pepe and Carmelo did ok – they and their wives are safe (though Carmelo’s house sustained some damage).

Let’s pray for our fellow humans during these terrible weather catastrophes.

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