I have spent the last week promoting the crowd funding campaign for independent film #REWIND2022 which was written and to be directed by Morgan Szymanski and Howling Warlocks film production company.

I am producing and co-starring. this is MATCH WEEK; we need 150 supporters by week’s end to get a $5000 match from a sponsor. This is #indiefilmmaking in action. I believe in this script and team and so I am participating 100%. I know very well the obstacles and difficulties for new talent. I am CONFIDENT we will make our goal and there will Abe a gem of a festival submission at the other end and get these artists the recognition they deserve! n. #Morganszymanski #MayThjang #ReginaldCineus #JoshDollison #JohnFitzgerald $#CameronWingo #KeenaCooke #DAnteChristopherWilson LOVE IS THE ANSWER


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