Working on network television

macgyverWorking in a flurry all of a sudden!  Here I am in a scene with @AnaCarolinaAyora, an L.A. actress I met on the set of this popular show (to be disclosed at a later date!).

I’m going to be guest starring in a pilot starting this coming Saturday; all I can say is yes, thank you.  I look forward to working several days on a very challenging role and again, will be more illuminating with respect to the show identity soon!  I’ll be in Brooklyn — I look forward to eating great vegetarian food and locating the great lower east side dairy restaurants, pizza, and my favorite, #Veselka.  Thank you to my agents Mystie and Bethany at @HoughtonTalent, Shirley at @CarsonAdler, and my manager Jennifer Lonardo at @Crackerjackmanagementsoutheast — they’re working hard to get me work.

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