DangerousWomenToday is Halloween. I’ve had more fun than usual this year. (Now that the kids are grown, there is not a lot of fun in H’ween anymore wah!)

But–I had the great fortune to be cast in Weird Sisters Theatre Project’s show, “Dangerous Women.”  The show was a compilation of original theater pieces that were scary and based on real-life dangerous women/murderesses stories.  (I need to look up the Queen that killed over 160 people!)  There were 9 skits and a host that took the audience from the white box to the lobby to the black box.  Short spooky film by Rebekah Suellau during the intermission.   The rehearsal period was short, and the run was only two weeks.  Nevertheless, during this period I booked a film (ssshh! it’s a secret) that caused me to miss a day of tech, and a tv episodic (possible recurring! more on that later) that precluded me from attending one of the performances.  (They cut my skit for that one…)

My piece was “FAMILY TRADITION.”  It was HILARIOUS!   Thanks to the director Tiffany Porter, and the writer for writing such a fab piece – Oralya Garza Ueberroth.

My thanks to my scene partners Karen Aguirre and Eric Poger Abrahamsen – what a great experience to work with you.

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

All that’s left today is TRIVIA!   Boo!halloween-festus


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