Blast from the past

My friend Denise Larson, the mother of Les Nickelettes, 1970s-1980s San Francisco be-glittered all-female camp comedy troupe, found this article and posted in on Facebook today:

If you scroll down a bit, there I am, with the other Nicks, go-go dancing at Danceteria.  We went to NY ca. 1982 to perform a comedy review that we called Anarchy in High Heels.  We had a giant pink high heeled setpiece.  It was very very FEMINIST I’m telling you.    Me (2d row L in black wig and Daisy Mae outfit),Danceteria_by-Robert-Carrithers-705x640 and Monica (in this picture in the upper R in a checked romper) also were go-go girls in cages for a performance by the Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra during that NY trip.  I had a crush on the saxophone player.

My only New York review:

village voice

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