Dog Years

  • A lot of good things today

  • The Tomorrow War – post redux

    No. 1 streaming movie this 4th of July. impressive. Here is a collection of clips reflecting a discovery made by Dan Forester. Chris Pratt’s acting is on point here. He is one of the best actors in the action genre right now. Hmm.

  • The Tomorrow War

    behind the scenes. I don’t have many of my own pics of the training and filming process, but here’s a video taken by the safety training wizard/stunt coordinator Harry Humphries. It was an epic experience and I mean that word – big, extraordinary, memorable.


    I have an updated bio on imdb and now my profile has two separate, almost the same but not the same, mini bios. I’ve asked that the older version get deleted. Hopefully they will do that. imdb is a little strict. Here’s the updated bio: “Best known as the Rosa, Miguel’s doting grandmother on Cobra…

  • Even more pictures

    I took some “lifestyle” pictures with photographer Tracy Page. Below are other photos that don’t exactly work as headshots but I’m taking them! I mostly only liked the pictures with the blue & white dress but this picture with my doggo Frida is pretty sweet.

  • Brook’s podcast “BROOKITA” Hannah Asleson is first up. Hannah is a really pretty, hard working, athletic actress with improv skills and just everything positive. I met her briefly at Dave Pileggi’s The Creative Movement studio. She teaches (or, taught) some kind of combination acting/yoga. I guess that’s not happening anymore. It’s great listening to Hannah’s perspective.

  • Brookita Talks . A podcast about talking to people

    Brook Spivey is funny. She is taking time off to start her youngun off right — yay! But (like me, when I was first stuck at home with a toddler, living the civilian life… Years ago) i’m sure she felt the need to do something artistic, creative. So she started a podcast. She interviewed a…

  • New Bio, New Pictures, etc.

    I had new pictures taken; new headshots coming, and a couple of lifestyle pictures. Nice photographer, that @TracyBosworthPage ! I love that lady. Above is a picture Tracy fixed up for me in advance — she’s cool like that. 🙂 “Rose Bianco has many film and television credits, and is probably best known for her…

  • The Tomorrow War

    I am very excited for the premiere of #TheTomorrowWar with Chris Pratt, coming soon to a television screen near you courtesy of #AmazonPrimeVideo. I worked on this film in 2019. The scope of this film is epic and I #CANTWAIT

  • Cobra Kai Podcasters doing Interviews

    Here is just a sampling of the sweet interviews — here Peter and Brihana Cobra Kai Kompanion interviewed me after Season 3 came out and it was like buttah…. these guys are like old friends. This guy Shamoon — oh my he is a respectful, courteous and sharp young man. It was a very nice…