Dog Years -the review

Firstly, I am in this movie. This is me–best costume ever:    VicMom-bestqI went to Nashville with hubby and friends for a mini-vacay to check out music city and catch the film at #NashFilmFest –the movie was great.  Briefly-the plot involved an aged ex-superstar, Vic Edwards,  who is invited to a Nashville film festival featuring a retrospective of Vic’s work and a lifetime achievement award. When Vic shows up, he discovers it is simply a low-rent tiny fan driven “festival” in a bar.  Embarrassed and angry, Vic begins a road trip of belated redemption forcing the festival organizer’s sister Lil to drive him to his old home stomping grounds in Knoxville.   Burt revealed much more internally than any of us expected.  He was the same smart aleck-y handsome man but with gravity, wisdom, and openness.  As previously written by various reviewers, this is very much Burt’s show, and he delivered so much.  I now adore him even more.  The movie had lots of close ups conveying mood.  Nikki Blonsky didn’t have that many lines but with her beautiful, expressive face she conveyed the real dismay of the kids; relatable feelings at odds with her hipster tattoos and barmaid costumes –which just remind us of the heart that people own IRL.  The juxtaposition between the old style way of communicating and interacting and the contemporary, “millennial” method of navigating the social landscape was interesting, revealing.  I was so pleased that Clark Duke’s character Doug actually put together a successful event –just a matter of scale!  (Excellent work Clark.)

Ariel Winter’s Lil was perfecttt.  Because of her psychological issues she was outwardly a wreck with a rat-a-tat delivery but there were always glimpses of the decent person that emerged, and all along Lil had a common-sensical core — that kind of reminded me of my daughter.

It was all very real to me. There is food for thought for all ages. Hipsters are people too.

Great job Adam Rifkin.  😊

Screening Dog Years

I’m going to Nashville!  I worked on #DogYearsFilm and had a little but LOVELY role which I adore.  I’ll post a picture soon (as soon as I get clearance) – but, my character looks super cute — Thanks @Mrs_Nashville (Meg Boers – makeup artist extraordinaire).  DogYears-Burt and Ariel

I knew it would be a great film and was soooooo HAPPY to be cast! Thanks @AdamRifkin !!!  ❤  p.s. word from the reviewers who saw the film at the Tribeca Film Festival is high praise indeed.

The tyranny of headshots

So, yes, I cut my hair, and I love it. It will grow pretty quick though so I’m not too worried.  I have an audition tomorrow and I had to warn my agent that my hair is different.  ;/  They don’t like that. Oh, and casting directors dislike it even more. I have not had my hair in a style that could not sport a ponytail in probably 10 years.  Because I need the versatility, you know!  So anyhow I decided to step off the ledge for a minute (a minute – because as I said, my hair grows fast).  —     short hair!

Soon it will look like this and then I won’t have to worry. IMG_0823



I haven’t had my hair so short since I was young! 1982 headshot


life in the new dystopia

Since I started this blog, the world has gotten upside down. I used to be carefree, hopeful and full of ambition even at my advanced geriatric age.  Our country was the land of opportunity and we reveled in it.  But now the country is a scary place and I worry…

So my new mantra is … go for it, I guess.  I cut my hair really short cropped-17990814_216450525507345_3780651192371655372_n.jpgand I hope the casting agents don’t get too mad about it (it’s a little different from my headshot) (my hair grows fast).  I bought TWO new rose bushes.  But, on a more serious and productive note, I am volunteering with a free attorney clinic (I’m a paralegal too!) to help those with little or no resources with legal issues, particularly rent disputes and domestic violence.

praying for civilization

July 3, 2015

Today I’m reading “Educating Esme” by Esme Raji Codell.  It’s great!  I want to send her a message, if nothing else, at least to let her know yet one other being finds her work inspiring and entertaining.

I’ve been cast in a show at Out of Box Theatre — Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz.  It is a great part (sister Silda) and I’ll be working with a great director and cast.  I’m happy.

And also I’ve been promoted to office manager at my job, which doesn’t suck.

I will be traveling to Ormond Beach for my niece’s wedding this summer.

I have not booked a film job in a couple of months. That’s the only downer, but it could be worse! All things being equal, this is a very good summer in my life.  :0)

The #1MPF 2015 Atlanta

i’m working on this years one minute play festival. I am in Topher Payne’s group, er, clump.  The most significant thing about this experience, has been getting to meet Jo Howarth, who died yesterday, unexpectedly as she was rehearsing with us in great spirits and apparently good health. It was cardiac arrest. Anyway, the second significant thing has been meeting and working with some amazing women, notably Dianne Butler, Frankie Earl Ware and Carolyn Choe.  Nice ladies, kindred spirits.