life in the new dystopia

Since I started this blog, the world has gotten upside down. I used to be carefree, hopeful and full of ambition even at my advanced geriatric age.  Our country was the land of opportunity and we reveled in it.  But now the country is a scary place and I worry…

So my new mantra is … go for it, I guess.  I cut my hair really short cropped-17990814_216450525507345_3780651192371655372_n.jpgand I hope the casting agents don’t get too mad about it (it’s a little different from my headshot) (my hair grows fast).  I bought TWO new rose bushes.  But, on a more serious and productive note, I am volunteering with a free attorney clinic (I’m a paralegal too!) to help those with little or no resources with legal issues, particularly rent disputes and domestic violence.

praying for civilization

July 3, 2015

Today I’m reading “Educating Esme” by Esme Raji Codell.  It’s great!  I want to send her a message, if nothing else, at least to let her know yet one other being finds her work inspiring and entertaining.

I’ve been cast in a show at Out of Box Theatre — Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz.  It is a great part (sister Silda) and I’ll be working with a great director and cast.  I’m happy.

And also I’ve been promoted to office manager at my job, which doesn’t suck.

I will be traveling to Ormond Beach for my niece’s wedding this summer.

I have not booked a film job in a couple of months. That’s the only downer, but it could be worse! All things being equal, this is a very good summer in my life.  :0)

The #1MPF 2015 Atlanta

i’m working on this years one minute play festival. I am in Topher Payne’s group, er, clump.  The most significant thing about this experience, has been getting to meet Jo Howarth, who died yesterday, unexpectedly as she was rehearsing with us in great spirits and apparently good health. It was cardiac arrest. Anyway, the second significant thing has been meeting and working with some amazing women, notably Dianne Butler, Frankie Earl Ware and Carolyn Choe.  Nice ladies, kindred spirits.