“Co-Optimistic’s Sugar & Spice and Everything Nerdy” love

Sugar & Spice talks literature ! I love this youtube channel because I see very delightful, optimistic, hopeful, hard working, driven, ambitious, (did I say hopeful?) (hard working?) #Millenials Rock!

#Cooptimistic does various types of videos – many involve #Games and #Gaming and some involve #MovieReviews and #PopCulture. Adding this feminine nerd perspective to the stable of themed videos is a great addition. ❤

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3 yrs ago — looking back

I went to PR to visit my mom, my cousin Dali… I made arrangements for mom to move here to the states with me. My friend @karenlieriddering took some of my favorite pictures. My daughter was in college. My son and fiancé began looking at wedding venues. Since then my mom passed. Since 2016 I’ve changed representation, found a manager and a ny agent, booked numerous movies and tv shows …. Godzilla black panther fonzo henry&rel SciFi Project bad boys for life The Quarry amazing stories Bull new Amsterdam cobra Kai the gifted macguyver …. Mom is looking out for me.

Reading #Becoming

I’m reading Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. I’m not done yet, just about 1/3 of the way through. I usually race through novels (just finished A Dog’s Way Home in a day). I usually take longer with nonfiction as I’m pondering and contemplating the life of this person whose autobiography I’ve chosen to read. I don’t read many; the memoirs of Elsa Lanchester (delicious), Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Haven Kimmel (not famous but a Terrific book!), Portia deRossi (a must-read. harrowing). Now, as I read Michelle’s book I’m constantly stopping to reminisce about my own childhood in Chicago.

I, too, used to hang out at Water Tower Place in downtown (post-high school though)! I was one of the smart kids in my school. No one else in my family had gone to college, either.

The similarities end. I had a single mom (more like the mom in #Roma only not rich; a single working mom with 4 kids who worked constantly). She got us into Catholic school (hey Michelle, I went to Mount Carmel in Chicago!!) (Elementary school…). I did go to college on scholarship but dropped out as I was too fixated on starting my acting career.

After childhood, upon entering the “world” (theatre, college), I learned many confounding things (not just artichokes). I found that white people don’t dance much at parties; rather they have cocktails and stand around and talk. (I’m like that now.) For some words, I knew the meaning, but I did not know how to pronounce them. (I learned words from the many books I used to read.) A couple of times I mispronounced words. I’ll never forget the hilarity that ensued when I said “puh-LAT-able” in a conversation at one of those theatre cocktail parties. I started looking up pronunciations more diligently. Many of the things other people took for granted, such as summer internships, study abroad – all these things were foreign. (Talent is abundant in this world; opportunity not as much. I tried so very very hard to give my own kids a leg up and as many advantages as I could muster.)

There’s something about this book, and the Spike Lee movie Crooklyn (believe it or not), that reminds me soooo much of my own childhood. I did not grow up in Brooklyn; rather, Chicago. I am not black; rather, 1/2 Italian 1/2 PR, but raised Puerto Rican. Crooklyn is one of my favorite movies.

As I read, I keep thinking about the horrible, horrible people who have said such unbelievably horrid, mean things about Michelle. It hurts my heart. I just can’t get over it. Well, since this is my acting blog and I mustn’t dwell on negatives, I will move on.

I can’t wait to read more about Michelle’s life, her marriage to Barack, her philosophies in life. What a Woman!

Peace, love.

– in with the new….

These things happened so far in 2019: got a recommendation from a top casting director. booked a big movie after the original role was cut and got called in for another scene. had to depart from my agent due to technical issues and learned that many of my friends are helpful and believe in me. taking meetings. came to understand that my manager is a trustworthy, ambitious, and aggressive ally. All great things.

My New Years resolution was to walk the dog every day. That ended after two days. My new resolutions:

Also – believe in myself, my family and friends, my representation, that God will handle things, and all good things in time.