These things happened so far in 2019: got a recommendation from a top casting director. booked a big movie after the original role was cut and got called in for another scene. had to depart from my agent due to technical issues and learned that many of my friends are helpful and believe in me. taking meetings. came to understand that my manager is a trustworthy, ambitious, and aggressive ally. All great things.

My New Years resolution was to walk the dog every day. That ended after two days. My new resolutions:

Also – believe in myself, my family and friends, my representation, that God will handle things, and all good things in time.

Here’s hoping for and praying to manifest even better and bigger things than I did in 2018 (and that was a very good year!)  Here I am with my friend Angela Ray at her annual New Year’s Day dinner party, starting the year right.


Good friends to celebrate, commiserate, talk showbiz, exchange advice with, support – these are the icing on the cake of achievements and life.I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas holiday season.  I saw the holiday joy and happiness permeating everything despite the country’s shenanigans.  [facepalm emoji]

     I don’t have Facebook anymore, and so if I’m going to be on tv or in a movie I go on Instagram and twitter.  My page is not replete with selfies though there are plenty of them (too many for my taste). Such is the age of social media promotion.  In 2019 I should be appearing (depending on release date) in excellent supporting roles in three movies, as well as in season 2 of COBRA KAI (a youtube series starring Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka) (it’s about the Karate Kid – the real one (Daniel-san) who is now 50-ish and resumed his feud with his blond surfy nemesis from the original movie [Billy]) The show is on all the 10 best lists this year! 
     1) GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS – opening in May.  I worked on this movie over a week and should be quite visible.
     2) FONZO – this is about syphillitic Al Capone.  It stars Tom Hardy.  Doing this movie was nothing but pure joy.  No release date as of yet!
     3) UNTITLED HENRY & REL SCI FI PROJECT:  This is a Jamie Foxx/Joseph Gordon Levitt movie that is a Netflix production.  I think it will come out in the movies first but not sure, what with the newfangled entertainment avenues these days.  I worked for a week in NOLA and my scene was with Rodrigo Santoro (he did almost all the talking) and he was utterly charming.
I also worked on three television projects: New Amsterdam, Scorned (Lifetime movie), and Bull.  Here’s hoping 2019 proves to be as great if not better than last year, professionally speaking, and I have no doubt it will (shout out to my representation @CrackerjackSE and @bysbtalent for being so dogged and, well, representing!
Another thing I frequently promote is my son Morgan’s youtube show, Co-optimistic– he’s got a series of shows and podcasts that go through Youtube wherein he and friends, and guest stars,review and comment on games, board games, and movies.  I myself enjoy the movie reviews actually – that’s my favorite.  Here he is with his friend John going over each of their year’s top 5 movies:
Here is the top 5 Disappointing Movies:
I enjoy listening to these guys; particularly with the “most disappointing movies” show, they were so open and unfiltered. I met John (the critic with Morgan) when he organized a 48-hr film last year. Morgan was the producer and I helped them find a location (my office) so I was there the whole day long and the office was FILLED WITH KIDS and they were the MOST RESPECTFUL, NICE AND CLEAN KIDS EVER!!!!   Even though I’ve been periodically depressed about the imminent end of the world (yeah), listening to Morgan’s friends, and my own daughter and her friends, gives me such hope for tomorrow.  No Nihilism Here.
Please go there and like, subscribe, and share and watch some of the Pop Culture and Movie reviews!  (@BluePumaStudios on twitter; @cooptimistic on IG).  I have a hard time watching the game reviews; but if you’re a diehard video gamer or VR person, you would probably enjoy those!  🙂
So I was writing a note to the director of the last theater play I participated in – Joanie McElroy directed “The Rainmaker” and I stage managed.  I love working with Joanie.  She has VISION and she is talented.  I met her at a Halloween party at Liz Bigler’s house a few years ago.  I mentioned I’d done costumes for a few shows and she immediately asked if I’d be interested in costuming ‘A Raisin in the Sun.’  I said OF COURSE!  And thus a happy theater relationship began.
    I costumed Joanie’s productions of Raisin, “God of Carnage,” and “Clybourne Park”; then stage managed Rainmaker.  I believe in Joanie and so agreed to be on her Board of Directors when she decided to make her production company, “Merely Players Productions,” a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Joanie began looking for a venue and found one in Chamblee – at least for the interim.  She will be the house company for the Atlanta Cuban Club, located on New Peachtree Street.
She has begun this endeavor with a maximum of balls and gumption.  Daniel Guyton is heading up a new WRITER’S GROUP, chimerically called Merely Writers.  (Thus begins what I foresee being a plethora of “Merely” wordplay.)  (Are these good sentences?)
    Joanie is interested in producing, at some point, “Anna In The Tropics,” which would be great for me because there’s a great role I’d like to audition for.  Also mentioned, “True West,” and we have a great potential duo for that.  I am looking forward to great things from Merely Players.  Here is a link to the theater’s GO-FUND-ME page, and note that I’ll be conducting a different fundraiser of sorts for the theater soon (thanks in advance, Erin!)
I’d like to do a one-person show (separate from Merely Players).  That’s something I’d like to work on.  I’m working on it.
Aside from all that, I live a boring life and watch a lot of tv accompanied by my dear husband.  I will have to force him to accompany me to the SAG Awards Viewing hosted by the SAG union local.  What I would like to do though is go to trivia more often.  I enjoy that. (pretty much the only time I can hang out with Sarah, Craig, and Jon…)
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Firstly – I have new headshots.  Here are some (unretouched). Thanks #RobbieGlenPhotography !!

My interview with Cobra Kai Companion @CobraKaiPod on instagram – also on #TVAteMyBrain — it was interesting listening to myself.  I did say a couple of people I’ve worked with were super good looking.  Subtlety and acting-right is so hard.    :0)

I’ll see you all in Season 2 #CobraKai !

Finally – I’ll be on the #NewAmsterdam pilot/premiere on September 24. It’s a great month.

“The Fighter” stance

Recently had new pictures taken.  I like them- they’re a bit unusual.  Here are a few of my faves.  These are unretouched and once 2 or 3 specific pictures are actually decided on, they will be “sharpened” and “saturated.”   Taken by an art photographer — Phoebe Szymanski.  In any event, I kind of love them.  We’ll see what the agent and/or manager says.


Coming up next time: I was interviewed on TV Ate My Brain – a podcast that features different groups discussing their obsessed upon show.  This podcast is led by Peter and Tom and they interviewed me all about Cobra Kai.  It was a fun interview and I can’t wait to hear it. Will post when it’s aired (late August).

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