Firstly – I have new headshots.  Here are some (unretouched). Thanks #RobbieGlenPhotography !!

My interview with Cobra Kai Companion @CobraKaiPod on instagram – also on #TVAteMyBrain — it was interesting listening to myself.  I did say a couple of people I’ve worked with were super good looking.  Subtlety and acting-right is so hard.    :0)

I’ll see you all in Season 2 #CobraKai !

Finally – I’ll be on the #NewAmsterdam pilot/premiere on September 24. It’s a great month.

“The Fighter” stance

Recently had new pictures taken.  I like them- they’re a bit unusual.  Here are a few of my faves.  These are unretouched and once 2 or 3 specific pictures are actually decided on, they will be “sharpened” and “saturated.”   Taken by an art photographer — Phoebe Szymanski.  In any event, I kind of love them.  We’ll see what the agent and/or manager says.


Coming up next time: I was interviewed on TV Ate My Brain – a podcast that features different groups discussing their obsessed upon show.  This podcast is led by Peter and Tom and they interviewed me all about Cobra Kai.  It was a fun interview and I can’t wait to hear it. Will post when it’s aired (late August).

#CobraKai #TVAteMyBrain #phoebeszymanski #headshots

Lately I’ve been promoting Co-Optimistic. This is a gaming company co-run by my son.  I love the reviews, I think #PizzaSlicePopCulture is fun and entertaining. I will admit the games are not my thing (but the #BoardGames are fun!).  If #Gaming, #Tabletop games, #Gamers, #PopCulture is your thing —   Subscribe!

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I’m appearing in #NewAmsterdam – a new hospital show starring Ryan Eggold, Jocko Sims, and Anupam Kher.  The job and everything surrounding it was epic.  It was a guest star spot – a first. it was a NY job — here’s to more! Next, I worked with director Kate Dennis, who directed the bridge episode of #TheHandmaidsTale which in and of itself is beyond epic. I worked with delightful actors and did a good job.  Finally, the show was clearly great.

I learned via a Jocko Sims tweet that this show premieres on NBC on September 25, right after #ThisIsUs — crazy right?

See you then.  new amsterdam

Cobra Kai – aka #CobraKai hai! premiered on Sony Youtube Red this week–May 2 2018.  The reviews are stupendous – 100% on rotten tomatoes; 98% popular approval.  I say I say I say that is pretty nice (and, by the way, it is a GREAT SHOW!!).

Now, I had lots of recent footage to revise my demo reels.  As I’m fairly technically challenged, I reached out to my go-to person Scott Poythress –  @scottpoythress #DramaInc principal, great actor, great clip/demo preparer, bi-coastal hipster, and all around groovy guy), and he was ON IT!  Jennifer then put these updated reels together for me– Drama Reel and Comedy Reel.  Nice job Jennifer, thank you!


I am sitting in a hotel room, in Covington Louisiana, practicing my Italian. Mostly.   I’m also looking at a few pictures I took today. I love this part of the world. It is a step back in time, a breath of fresh air. A place where you can live while the country implodes around you.  You can seek out the sounds and smells of the lake and the rivers; Spanish moss hangs from Live Oaks centuries old. I love Mandeville, Covington, Abita Springs.   Not in a spring break, let’s go drinking in New Orleans Way. I’m pretty lucky to be working here right now. Oh yes, I’m working on a Tom Hardy  movie, which depicts a part of Al Capone’s life that many people are not familiar with. It’s pretty fascinating. And. Period Costumes!  Period Hair!! I’m dizzy with contentment.

Blogging from my trailer— in New York. An NBC pilot.  Thanks to my manager Jennifer, who is a pit bull of show biz and pitches the daylights out a person.  I think she believes in my ability and for that I’m grateful.  I’ll get several days work and try to pay a visit to old friends Bryan Hickey and Terry Jackson, and maybe catch a broadway show.  It’s so cold this March.  “Comes in like a lion” for sure.


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