As the year comes to a close, I reminisce on the beginning of year list of aspirations. I’ve accomplished some of those (book more films and tv) and failed on some (exercise every day….).

Currently I’m working on Ghost Draft, a Chris McKay film. I’m having a great time — a little out of my wheelhouse which is so thrilling! As far as I can tell, the next project which will be screened to the world is Bad Boys for Life in January 2020. Sometime thereafter several projects should come tumbling through – Fonzo, Amazing Stories, The Quarry. Meanwhile hope I keep booking but… thinking about traveling to my sister’s for Thanksgiving. THAT would be different!!!


Sugar & Spice talks literature ! I love this youtube channel because I see very delightful, optimistic, hopeful, hard working, driven, ambitious, (did I say hopeful?) (hard working?) #Millenials Rock!

#Cooptimistic does various types of videos – many involve #Games and #Gaming and some involve #MovieReviews and #PopCulture. Adding this feminine nerd perspective to the stable of themed videos is a great addition. ❤

On Youtube Co Optimistic (co with a space optimistic)

He’s here! Well, I haven’t seen it yet but I have it on good authority that it’s Great! And Super Fun. I’ve learned there are many Godzilla fans out there.

Here’s the trailer. look very very closely at 1:16 – right after my grandson is seen flying in the air…

I went to PR to visit my mom, my cousin Dali… I made arrangements for mom to move here to the states with me. My friend @karenlieriddering took some of my favorite pictures. My daughter was in college. My son and fiancé began looking at wedding venues. Since then my mom passed. Since 2016 I’ve changed representation, found a manager and a ny agent, booked numerous movies and tv shows …. Godzilla black panther fonzo henry&rel SciFi Project bad boys for life The Quarry amazing stories Bull new Amsterdam cobra Kai the gifted macguyver …. Mom is looking out for me.