Brook’s podcast “BROOKITA” Hannah Asleson is first up. Hannah is a really pretty, hard working, athletic actress with improv skills and just everything positive. I met her briefly at Dave Pileggi’s The Creative Movement studio. She teaches (or, taught) some kind of combination acting/yoga. I guess that’s not happening anymore. It’s great listening to Hannah’s perspective.

Brookita Talks . A podcast about talking to people

Brook Spivey is funny. She is taking time off to start her youngun off right — yay! But (like me, when I was first stuck at home with a toddler, living the civilian life… Years ago) i’m sure she felt the need to do something artistic, creative. So she started a podcast. She interviewed aContinue reading “Brookita Talks . A podcast about talking to people”

New Bio, New Pictures, etc.

I had new pictures taken; new headshots coming, and a couple of lifestyle pictures. Nice photographer, that @TracyBosworthPage ! I love that lady. Above is a picture Tracy fixed up for me in advance — she’s cool like that. 🙂 “Rose Bianco has many film and television credits, and is probably best known for herContinue reading “New Bio, New Pictures, etc.”

Cobra Kai Podcasters doing Interviews

Here is just a sampling of the sweet interviews — here Peter and Brihana Cobra Kai Kompanion interviewed me after Season 3 came out and it was like buttah…. these guys are like old friends. This guy Shamoon — oh my he is a respectful, courteous and sharp young man. It was a very niceContinue reading “Cobra Kai Podcasters doing Interviews”