interview w @ckonair1 #AmazingStories

So I will be interviewed by @therealcamillekauer on her show, The E-Spot with Camille !! Wednesday March 25 at 1:00pm est. Camille is a multi-talented model/actor/on-air personality (I think she’s prettty glamorous!). I guess we’ll talk about my #amazingstories appearance (Ep. 4, “Signs of Life” with NY actress Michelle Wilson), working on #beingmaryjane#cobrakai #atlanta and the southeast market, maybe my dog…. CheckContinue reading “interview w @ckonair1 #AmazingStories”

New management, new pix

New management! Marc Shaer, Managed Performance Group- NY. I need someone representing interests on both coasts (to the extent I have interests in those places). 2019 was pretty great; hoping for an even better year in 2020 God willing. I have new pictures. Here are the finalists. (These are NOT retouched, fyi. I’m brave likeContinue reading “New management, new pix”

end of year holidays and thoughts

As the year comes to a close, I reminisce on the beginning of year list of aspirations. I’ve accomplished some of those (book more films and tv) and failed on some (exercise every day….). Currently I’m working on Ghost Draft, a Chris McKay film. I’m having a great time — a little out of myContinue reading “end of year holidays and thoughts”

“Co-Optimistic’s Sugar & Spice and Everything Nerdy” love

Sugar & Spice talks literature ! I love this youtube channel because I see very delightful, optimistic, hopeful, hard working, driven, ambitious, (did I say hopeful?) (hard working?) #Millenials Rock! #Cooptimistic does various types of videos – many involve #Games and #Gaming and some involve #MovieReviews and #PopCulture. Adding this feminine nerd perspective to theContinue reading ““Co-Optimistic’s Sugar & Spice and Everything Nerdy” love”