I have spent the last week promoting the crowd funding campaign for independent film #REWIND2022 which was written and to be directed by Morgan Szymanski and Howling Warlocks film production company. I am producing and co-starring. this is MATCH WEEK; we need 150 supporters by week’s end to get a $5000 match from aContinue reading “REWIND FILM CAMPAIGN LAUNCH!!”

New Short Demo

Had a consultation with a casting director who looked at my materials and suggested that I prepare this new short demo leading with the New Amsterdam clip — because it is a good indication of “good acting” and is a close-up; it is sad with crying. 😦 Followed up with Wandavision which is funny andContinue reading “New Short Demo”

Making Content – Making Characters

I’m working on a new project – making content, posting it. All in the service of working towards creating projects for myself. Sounds good on paper. In truth, this is a fantastic experiment in stream of consciousness writing, improving my improvisation skills and character building. Thanks to Cathy Reinking for putting this idea in myContinue reading “Making Content – Making Characters”